2016 Darwinism Applied Winner – Dr. Kalman Glantz!

AEPS is pleased to announce our most recent winner of the Darwinism Applied Award: Dr. Kalman Glantz! Kalman studied at universities on 3 plus continents without ever hearing the name Darwin. He has been, among other things, an assistant at the National School of Political Science in Paris, a professor of social science in Cambridge, a Visiting Scientist at MIT, and is now a psychotherapist in private practice in the Boston area. He was converted to evolution on a line that began with Robert Ardrey, moved on to Richard Alexander, and ultimately to E.O.Wilson, Richard Dawkins, Robert Trivers, and the Tooby and Cosmides duo. His first publication, with John Pearce, was entitled Exiles From Eden: Psychotherapy from an Evolutionary Perspective, was the first book to incorporate modern evolutionary psychology with practice-oriented clinical psychology. Next came Staying Human In The OrganizationBeyond Diversity: A Curriculum for What All Kids Have in CommonReuniting America: Saving the Market System (From Itself), and Self-Evaluation And Psychotherapy In The Market System, these four coauthored with J. Gary Bernhard.

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