Evolutionary Scientists: Collaborate With Local Teachers To Help Them Teach Evolution Better

Dustin Eirdosh, AEPS’s main man in spreading evolutionary education in the schools, writes:

AEPS Members in the US (and all evolutionary scientists): The National Center for Science Education has just started its “Scientists in the Classroom” program, and they are seeking evolution scientists willing to collaborate with local teachers who want help teaching evolution better.


Please consider joining the effort. If you do join, drop me an email [dustin at unitoliara dot info] so we can strengthen our relationship with the important work that NCSE does!

Dustin Eirdosh (on Research Gate) is a curriculum designer at the Berlin-based NGO Big Red Earth (www.BigRedEarth.org), an organization that supports a university-led development approach in southwestern Madagascar. This region is characterized by high food insecurity, poverty, low quality of education and unsustainable use of natural resources, while it is at the same time an important biodiversity hot spot. Utilizing perspectives in Evolutionary Educational Psychology (Evo-Edu) and the tools of cultural evolution studies, Dustin has developed a governance education program focused on connecting university classrooms with sustainable development initiatives in the region.


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