Boy Next Door or Abs Galore: The Discrepancy Between What Men Think Is Hot and Reality

Keeping in line with my short-running streak of posting about getting in with the opposite sex, guys, do I have more good news for you!

A study commissioned by the U.K. underwear company, Jacamo, finds that women aren’t really that into the super cut men you see in men’s underwear ads, but rather the ones you see mowing the lawn shirtless on weekends.

“72 percent of women in the UK actually prefer men with the “boy next door” look as opposed luscious hulks.”

The study also shines light on the very interesting discrepancy between what men think women think and what women actually think:

“While men state that a woman’s ideal man would be made up of Justin Bieber’s hair, Gerard Butler’s [chiseled] face, Hugh Jackman’s moviestar arms, David Gandy’s tight abs and Cristiano Ronaldo’s smooth legs, the response from women showed a contrasting view, set to be welcomed by men across the country.

“… In reality, women in the UK lust over Prince Harry’s smile and comedian James Corden’s hair, research says.

“Men with well-toned bodies are, initially, regarded as attractive, but it is the man with the little bit of excess flab around the waist who often wins the day,” states Jacamo’s press release.”

This is interesting from a mating perspective, since what men are pursuing as a desired standard isn’t actually what their target audience is after at all (I have my own concerns over the ladies’ love of Prince “Hairy” here). Even further, the social stress to obtain and the desirability mismatch of this “ideal” body type may be having a negative impact on men’s self esteem.

Dove has famously campaigned for acceptance of all female body types; however, men are a little short on body-type support groups. The article ends concludes with the notion that men and women aren’t so far apart in fretting about body image:

“… as many as 62 percent of men in the UK are still persuaded that ladies would rather go for a man with “the gladiator look,” and that many men suffer “pangs of anxiety when they fail to match up this image.

“Who says body confidence is only women’s issue?”


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