One thought on “David Sloan Wilson’s interview with University of Michigan’s Dan Kruger

  1. Yes, the reciprocal aisrultm idea is usually promoted as consistent with a gene selectionist view, though it’s also available to other views, too. The gene selectionists, like Dawkins and Pinker, limit natural selection to the level of genes: genes are the things that are inherited, copied and pass along information about the successful phenotype. They reject the likelihood of group selection because they think a free rider (Cheater) will typically arise to throw the population out of stability. Group selection is what Wilson is endorsing. He argues that traits that be selected because they give a group not just an individual fitness advantages. The Dawkins Grudger example was designed to show you don’t need to consider group selection at all. (Reciprocal) aisrultm is can be explained at the level of the gene. Wilson doesn’t have to abandon reciprocal aisrultm, but he wants to add another theory group selection to help explain some cases of altruistic behavior.

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